You have changed ours lives!

Lucy I want to thank you so much for your help with N. You have changed ours lives! I was struggling to get by on such broken sleep and after 2 and a half years of bedtime struggles, mid night wakings and visits to my bed I had finally reached the point of desperation. I assumed (and was also dreading) that the process would involve leaving my gorgeous happy boy to cry on his own in his room, I think this is what held me back from asking for help until now. But I was wrong. Noah cried less during your retraining process than he normally did on a night, and most importantly he never once cried on his own. I was there with him every step of the way. The fear of how he might react was much worse than the implementation. From the day we first spoke to you he started to improve and he is now a consistently through the night sleeper with no bedtime struggles. He is a happy well slept little boy and I am one happy mamma. Thank you thank you thank you.

PS I am recommending you to everyone I meet that complains about their kids sleep… and thats a lot of mammies! We have sworn to ourselves we wont wait as long to contact you next time.