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p1 p2 I am thrilled to have my work featured in The Irish Times, Health Plus Supplement on Tuesday 8th November 2011....Read all about it...


030.IRE.25.V0   035.IRE.25.V0 (1)   For those of you who missed it or want to have another read-interview with Joe McNamee and how I helped 15 month Isabel to sleep through the night!!!


09_49_26 You can listen to part of the interview here... I ve had a huge response following my interview with Neil Predeville earlier this week. Thanks to all the staff for their support and goodwill, and thanks to all the listeners who are so pleased that this resource is now available for the tired families.

Time Change Sleeping Tips

Time Change Sleeping Tips   It‘s that time of year again and the clocks going back strike fear into the heart of all parents that have struggled with their children’s sleep especially if your little one is prone to waking up to start the day too early or you have only recently managed to solve some of the sleep issues that you have been having.  At this time of year I get lots of questions from frantic parents wanting

Getting Baby to Sleep

  For Getting Baby to Sleep, Sticking to a Plan Is What Counts   The New York Times   By DAN HURLEY   Published: December 12, 2006   After years of colicky debate over which method is best for getting babies to fall asleep by themselves, experts have a soothing new message: just about all the techniques work, so pick one you are comfortable with and stick with it.   Despite their apparent differences, most of the behavioral approaches

Sleep Tips For New Dads

SLEEP TIPS FOR NEW DADs Featured on After you are handed your precious bundle of joy, the journey begins and often we know very little about how to put our babies to sleep or how to define realistic expectations about sleep and if we don’t foster good sleep habits early on it can become a real household problem. What a lot of us don’t realise is that sleep is a learned skill, and we have to teach our

Solve your Problems in a Parent Workshop. New Dates Announced;

I am pleased to announce some workshop dates for parent's struggling with their children's sleep. Glanworth Community Centre-15th October-Places limited contact me for more information South Douglas Road, Cork-22nd October--Places limited contact me for booking information Fully Booked-Contact me for future dates [borderbox] Sleep Success Parent Workshop Just €75 per family. Sleep Matters Questionnaire This workshop provides a comfortable environment where a group of parents can get together and learn how to gently solve their child’s sleep problems. You

Bedtime Habits May Cause ADHD-Like Behaviour to Children

A new study published in the American Journal of Family Therapy showed for the first time a direct link between bedtime routines and behavior that mimics Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. The findings propose that of the over 5 million children who are now being treated with ADHD medication, a majority may be suffering from Faux-ADHD, a disorder linked to irregular bedtimes and bed sharing, and does not require medication. The study, consisting of 704 parents of

Knowing When (and how) to Ask For Help

One of my fellow Gentle Sleep Coachs wrote this recently and I thought that I would share with you as I think it will resonate with many... In my line of work, I keep meeting parents who say either, "where were you 5 years ago", "I should have called you 3 months ago", and "I thought I could go it alone". This piece is not a big I TOLD YOU SO nor is it a plug for my business.

Parent Sleep Counselling May Improve Kid’s Shut Eye

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Screening kids for sleeping problems and discussing sleep strategies with parents could help youngsters settle into school with better nighttime routines, suggests new research from Australia. Researchers found that when they had sleep-related consultations with parents, kids tended to have fewer sleep problems and better bedtime habits than children whose parents didn't get counseled. The study was small and didn't demonstrate that the sleep improvements led to changes in kids' academic achievements later in


I am very pleased to share a fabulous interview that I did with Sandra Quinn of the Evening Echo...Enjoy WOW sleep coach page 1 WOW sleep coach page 2

Parent’s Questions

Will there be No crying? I cannot guarantee that your child will not cry. I can assure you that the methods we use are as gentle on both you and the child as possible, and there will be fewer tears. Our gentle, gradual approach aims to have as little crying as possible. I encourage parents to be loving and responsive, but to allow the child to fall asleep unassisted. The parent responds and stays with their child and offers

Could Sleep Deprivation Be Changing Your Child’s Personality?

It's becoming more widely known that sleep disordered breathing leads to poor behavior in children. Estimates show that as many of 25 percent of children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD may actually have an underlying sleep problem that can be treated -- resulting in better behavior and improved learning skills. Most often a sleep problem is identified in children and then health providers, researchers and parents look for behavior issues. A new study at the University of Michigan approached

Sleep-A Learned Behaviour

Following birth, sleeping patterns evolve rapidly and become consolidated in early childhood. Parental behaviours at bedtime -- especially their response to their child’s nighttime awakenings -- play a big part in consolidating their child’s sleep patterns. This according to findings published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. The study investigated the sleep patterns of 1741 children in Quebec, at ages five, 17, and 29 months, and collected data from the mothers via interviews and questionnaires. Three major

Sleep: a wake-up

Sleep: a wake-up Hyperactivity, even ADHD, may be caused by late nights, says Tessa Thomas Most children feel a little ratty after a poor night’s sleep. But some sleep experts now suggest that sleep deprivation is actually the cause of many forms of hyperactivity, including ADHD. “Sleep problems have always been recognized as a symptom of ADHD, but they are as likely to be a cause,” says Dr Stephen Sheldon, director of sleep medicine at the Children’s Memorial Hospital

Lack of night sleep in infants can lead to childhood obesity

Schwarz E, Brown J, Creasman J, Stuebe A, McClure C, van Den Eeden S, Thom D. Lactation and maternal risk of type 2 diabetes: a population-based study. American Journal of Medicine, 2010; 123(9): 863.e1-863.e6. Insufficient amounts of night time sleep among infants and preschool-aged children may be a significant risk factor for developing childhood obesity, say US researchers. To test associations between daytime and night time sleep duration and subsequent obesity in children and adolescents, the researchers studied 1930

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